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Are you feeling lonely nonprofit pro?

Working in the nonprofit sector can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, but it can also be lonely at times.

Nonprofit limited resources


Small staff. No budget. High turnover. Who do you turn to for support?

Nonprofit emotional burden


Nonprofit work can be sensitive in nature. And your friends and family just don't GET IT.

Nonprofit passion-driven work


You have a deep commitment to your work - your passion can leave you feeling isolated.

Nonprofit high turnover


Work-life instability is leading to loneliness as you don't have strong bonds with colleagues.

Nonprofit Hive

Make a Beeline for the Nonprofit Hive

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🐝 Talk 'shop' in nonprofit fundraising, marketing, operations and more
🐝 Make international connections
🐝 Discover community beyond conferences and colleagues
🐝 Find a mentee or be a mentor

How it will work

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Select a timeslot

Find a time that fits into your nonprofit work.

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Get matched

We connect you with a peer, handle scheduling, and invitations.

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Meet & Connect

Connect on our video platform and have fun.

It's time to join the hive.

Share your passion, fight burnout, make connections, build a network.

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While in beta, The Nonprofit Hive is free to use — no credit cards, just magic.

Connect, recharge, repeat.

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Connect with people you would never have met naturally.

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Share creativity,
be inspired

Discover new points of view from nonprofit peers in similar roles

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Grow and learn

Stop the isolation, build your tribe of passionate people.